ETWD Committees & Chairs

The following are the Committees and Committee Chairs in the Education, Training and Workforce Development Division. All ANS members are invited to attend any committee meeting. Committee meeetings are usually held on Sundays of the ANS Annual and Winter Meetings (June and November).   Please check the ANS Meeting official programs or the ETWD Division Newsletters for exact dates, locations, and times. If you would like to join any of these committees please contact the committee Chair.

  • Executive Committee – Dr. Jane LeClair
  • Nominating Committee – Dr. Jane LeClair
  • University/Industry/Government Relations Committee – Dr. Travis Knight
  • Honors and Awards Committee – Dr. Richard Coe
  • Membership Committee – Dr. Marsha Bala
  • Program Committee – Ms. Lisa Marshall
  • Finance Committee – Mr. Drew Thomas
  • CONTE 2021 Program – Mr. Russel Coon and Mr. Drew Thomas
  • ETWDD Website – Dr. Matthew Jasica
Contact information for committee chairs may be found using the “Contact Us” link on the right side bar of this page.