Executive Summary: Conference on Nuclear Training and Education 2011

The 2011 Conference on Nuclear Training and Education took place from February 6 – 9 in Jacksonville, Florida. Over 300 international participants and 26 exhibitors contributed in making this a highly successful CONTE. Trainers and educators from industry and higher education covered a range of topics from operator fundamentals to new nuclear power plants.

The conference kicked off on Sunday with a Super Bowl reception sponsored by Excelsior College. Co-Chairs Dr. Jane LeClair and Patrick Berry joined general chair Steve Kuczynski to open with a plenary session on Monday featuring Donna Jacobs and Jean Llewellyn. Many speakers, including NRC Commissioner William Magwood, discussed the renaissance of the nuclear industry along with the need for a highly qualified and educated future workforce to sustain this growth. CONTE 2011 aimed at furthering this cause and emphasizing effectiveness in nuclear training and education.

On Tuesday, participants attended presentations on the Nuclear Uniform curriculum, online and blended learning, and a panel on reactor operator licensing. Keynote speaker Charles Pardee discussed accreditation. Presenters from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the IAEA gave international perspectives.

CONTE concluded on Wednesday with Dr. Krista Terry’s discussion on the next generation of learners and Dr. Harold Blackman’s presentation on future global energy needs. The meeting promoted the effective ness of nuclear training and education and represented views from universities, industry and technology leaders in the field.


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